Korean BBQ Tacos anyone?

The Kogi Korean BBQ Taco Truck was one of last year’s biggest food trends in the west coast. With a combination of Korean inspired tacos, a truck and social networking, the founders of Kogi has turned their mobile food stand in to a truly spectacular phenomenon, drawing in crowds of 300-800 people every time they park the truck.

While we can’t hit up the streets of LA for some original Kogi BBQ, we can get a taste of the menu that started this fad in Chicagoland with Korean Taco joints popping up around the city.

  • Taco Chino– 4712 N Kimball Avenue (Albany Park) 773-866-1530
    Mexican tacos, Korean tacos, this place has it all!
  • Del Seoul– 2568 N Clark St (Lincoln Park) 773-248-4227
    The latest newcomer opened in October 10′ specializing in Korean Tacos with galbi, spicy pork and shrimp varieties. Also try their street dumplings- close as it gets to getting some in Korea
  • Crisp– 2940 N Broadway Ave (Lakeview) 773-697-7610
    This well established joint known primarily for their specialty which is fried chicken (and oh my is it good!) also has Korean style burrito’s on the menu which may be worth a try. If anyone has tried it, chime in!
  • Benchmark– 1520 N Wells St (Near North Side) 312-649-9640
    A sportsbar with Korean BBQ Tacos on the menu?? Sure enough, on their sandwich menu is two “Korean Steak Taco’s for $10. May be worth a try.

[photo courtesy of Del Seoul]