JuRang Fusion Grill

New at the scene of Chicago (new)Koreantown, we visit Ju Rang Fusion Grill on its grand opening day. We were greeted by the smell of freshly dark maple wood treated furniture, flat screen tv’s and a friendly waitstaff. Our party of five was quickly seated, as we arrived pretty early. As a grand opening service they treated us with two bowls of mussel soup.

We ordered a round of beers along with the waiter recommended grilled chicken and spicy pork ribs. The grilled chicken was simply amazing. A fresh change from the ordinary fried chicken dishes offered at surrounding hangouts, this grilled chicken is a healthier and very tasty option. The spicy pork ribs were just that. Spicy. Great for spicy lovers like myself, but all of us were definitely fanning our tongues with our hands in unison.

For a grand opening night, we were surprised that the tables were full by 9 o’clock.  We ordered a couple of rounds of mak-so-sa, which is not on the menu but we requested a bottle of soju, makguli and sprite which we mix in to a pitcher.  Our order of tofu-kimchi took an hour to come out but the waiter served us with complimentary chicken while we waited.

Final verdict:  The food is good, the alcohol prices are reasonable and they have a friendly waitstaff.  The food that were slow to come out was understandable as it was their first day and they surely will work the kinks out in the very near future. The ambiance is a nice change from the typical Korean hangouts.

Ju Rang Fusion Grill- 611 Milwaukee Ave., Suite 105, Glenview, IL 60025

(847) 657-7200