12 Things To Do In Thailand | Thrillist

You’ve just landed in Thailand, the most adulterous country in the whole world. And, while you’ve been following these top 10 Thai Instagrams leading up to your trip and have some semblance of a plan, you’re still not sure what exactly to hit while you’re there.

Well, allow us to make your planning a little easier with these 12 things you gotta do in Thailand that do not involve recreating your favorite scenes from The Beach.

Travel through the city canals in Bangkok

Floating market canal

With your journey most likely starting in Bangkok, you’ll want to hit a few things in the city before venturing out into the countryside. Beyond the high-rises, Buddhist temples, and busy streets, the city boasts an extensive system of canals connected to the main Chao Phraya River that you’re definitely gonna want to explore. It’s so massive, in fact, that some refer to Bangkok as the “Venice of the East.” Hop on a boat anywhere along the canals, and be sure to hit one of the many floating markets.

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